maj, 2021

Dette er en gentagende begivenhed

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  • Kl. 19:30 – 24:00
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Come join us every Monday in Absalon, where we play a variety of different boardgames. In fact, we love boardgames so much that we’re housing the unions ‘Danish Scrabble in Copenhagen’, ‘Copenhagen GO Club’ and our very own ‘Absalon Backgammon Club’. We also enjoy playing chess and other boardgames. Everybody is welcome whether you’re a newbie or a pro and it is completely free to play.


In the bar you can buy food, snacks and drinks.


About the games



Scrabble in Absalon is for rehearsed, newbies, pros and everybody in between. Come join and unfold your inner dictionary and scrabble mentality.



We are playing Backgammon and those who want to join the tournament can sign up through the tournament leader at 7:15 pm. The latest. The tournament starts at 7:30. It is free and open for everybody. If you want to read more about Absalon Backgammon club, then click on the clubs page to see results from former tournaments and learn about extra game nights.



If you’ve never heard about GO (Weichi, Baduk) then it’s a strategic boardgame played by two persons. It has its origins in China and was invented between 2500 and 4000 years ago. Since then different Asian cultures has adopted the game and it is now an artform in the lines with music and painting. Today GO has a special status in eastern Asia and is played by around 60 million people worldwide.

The rules are very simple, but there is still a complexity and depth to the game. Come and find  out why GO has fascinated to many people through the times! Beginners are always welcome. If you want to know more about the Copenhagen GO club, you can read more here.


We look forward to welcoming you

<3 Absalon.



It is free to join the gamenight.

NB. You must show a valid corona passport to join this event. This applies to everyone over the age of 15. Write to us at if you have questions.

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