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Silent Disco in Absalon 09 SeptemberSep 2023 21:00
Silent Disco in Absalon

Silent Disco is back at Absalon!

On Saturday, September 9, you can experience the unique atmosphere when we fill Absalon’s main hall with dancing people wearing headphones.

We’ll dance together to music of our own choice. You can switch between three channels with different music - red, green, or blue, where three talented live DJs are ready to compete for your attention with different music genres. Perhaps others hear the same as you. Perhaps they hear something completely different. Perhaps you dance to the same rhythms, or maybe you do not at all.


? On the green channel you can dance to DJ Tanya.

DJ Tanya has played Silent Disco many times before and on many different stages. On this channel you can expect to dance to lots of HipHop/R&B and the best Tech House beat. If that's your thing, keep an eye on the green channel!


? On the blue channel you can dance to DJ Karlos

This evening, DJ Karlos will revive iconic hits from earlier decades. He mixes the best oldies with pulsating disco rhythms that will get people dancing and singing along. DJ Karlos will provide a musical experience where you can depth yourself in his selected songs and dance the whole evening to your own rhythm. With a wide range of musical memories and expertise in creating a festive atmosphere, you are guaranteed an evening full of nostalgia and dancing joy on the blue channel.


? On the red channel you can dance to Miss World

When Miss World is at the DJ desk, all continents meet in a mashup that sets the floor on fire. Look forward to a mix of bangers, guilty pleasure hits and rhythms from the warm countries.


If you want to secure your headphones for this evening, buy your ticket in advance. Otherwise, you can take a chance and swing by during the evening.


We are looking forward!


Absalon and Silent Events ♥




100 DKK per headset. You can borrow them for as long as you like.

1 ticket = 1 headset

At Absalon we do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or other discriminatory behaviour.

Enjoy the party!


NB. We don't refund or reschedule tickets. Please take a look at our terms of service.