Folkehuset Absalon

Dodgeball tournament 30 MayMay 2023 20:30
Dodgeball tournament

Were you the designated chief of the team back in your high school years? A great catch(er)? or the first one to get hit by the ball? 


Now is your chance to channel your inner dodgeball-champion or to get your sweet revenge. Come by Absalon when we host the dodgeball tournament. 


How we roll


► We play in teams of 5, so bring your neighbour, middle school buddy, colleagues or best friends for a fun and physical night. 


► Dodgeball Denmark will host a warm up before the tournament begins, so you can bring the heat to the court. 


► If you get knocked out of the tournament then you are welcome to stay for a drink, and cheer for your favourite team from the balcony. 


► The tournament consists of three evenings in Absalon. First we’ve got two evenings of qualification matches. On the third evening there will be a final qualification round, the semi finals, and, finally, the finale where we name Absalons fiercest dodgeball team. Make sure to double check the dates, before you buy your ticket. 



One way or another 

… dodgeball can be played in several variations. We play by the traditional rules, however, with softer balls. 


Dodgeball Denmark and Pan Dodgeball will keep a close eye on the court and make sure that everything runs smoothly. 


Read more about Dodgeball Denmark and Pan Dodgeball on Pan Dodgeball's Facebook & Dodgeball Danmarks Facebook 





You buy one ticket pr. team . A ticket covers 5 players. 


These are the dates:


► Tuesday the 28th of March - 16 teams will compete for a spot at the semi-finals the 30th of may. Therefore, make sure that both dates fit with your team.  


► Tuesday the 30th of May - 8 teams will compete for a spot in the semi-finals. NB only two teams win a spot for the semi-finals. The Semi finals will be held the same evening.