17. November 2017 @ 9:00 – 10:15 Europe/Copenhagen Timezone

Dynamic vinyasa yoga every friday at 9am in Absalon!

Come move through your breath and stretch your way in to the weekend. Together we are mindfully moving with a funky friday twist for everyone to join in on.

This vinyasa yoga class is for all levels, and you are welcome wether you got that down dog or never heard of a sun salute. We will move dynamically and play with flows and poses along the way – come and have a play to kickstart your weekend!

The class is tought in english, og du er selvfølgelig ligeså velkommen hvis du taler dansk;)

Price: 50 kr
Place: ‘Klubben’ on the 1st. floor.

Pay per class or buy a 10-class card for 500 kr. Then you can skip the queue and go straight up to the 1st floor. You can use the card for all our yoga/dance classes.

Namaste og god fredag
Stis & Absalon

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