23. March 2017 @ 9:45 – 10:45 Europe/Copenhagen Timezone

Weekly drop-in class in Absalon. Every Thursday from the 12th of January. Taught in English.


A pilates based class working with contrology, core strenght, posture, alignment and breathing.


Expect increased vitality, body awareness, and confidence that will flourish throughout your life. As a result of training, you will develop lean, toned muscles, correct muscle imbalances, release tensions, increase flexibility and mobility. In addition to this, you will develop not only physical strength, but inner strench, to achieve things, you once thought impossible.


Price: 50 kr. per class.
Pay for each class or buy a 10-clip card for 500 kr. You can use the card for all classes in Absalon, yoga, dance etc.


Everyone is welcome! Also danish speakers 😉


Best wishes
Jodie and Absalon

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