7. December 2017 @ 20:15 – 21:15 Europe/Copenhagen Timezone
Absalon Folkehus
Sønder Blvd. 73
1720 København V
50 kr

Emotions in Motion – Come join a different danceclass every thursday at 8.15 pm

Emotions In Motion is a class of guided dance improvisation, where we through cues of vivid, verbal imagery will experience freedom, joy and pleasure. We never stop, the movements are continuous, there a no mirrors and no individual corrections. We will dance to all kinds of music and find our individual groove through that. Everything is allowed and nothing is right or wrong.
We will delve into the exploration of our bodies, gaining a body that is stronger, more flexible and more versatile through a playful approach.


The class is taught in English… Og snakker du dansk er du selvfølgelig stadig hjertelig vekommen;)


About the teacher
Thais Hvid started his movement journey with Capoeira and Parkour – which he still practices. Did his B.A. in Performing Arts at Amsterdamse Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten, and has since worked in The Cullberg Ballet and with different freelance choreographers. He loves dancing and exploring movement.


Prize: 50 kr.
Room: ‘Klubben’ on the 1st floor.


No sign up necessary, just show up a bit before. Pay per class or buy a 10-class card for 500 kr. Then you can skip the que and go straight up.
Please note: On thursdays there are Banko in Absalon at 8pm, which means sometimes a long que at the main door and at the bar!


Looking forward to dancing with you.
All the best Thais & Absalon


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